HEATILE TECH for residential environments

HEATILE Tech is a prefabricated underfloor heating and cooling system with innovative and performing characteristics. It completely reviews the construction paradigms of radiant systems: it is modular, light, thin and can be installed dry

It can be customized with any finish (stoneware, wood, metal, ceramic, PVC, LVT …)

How is iT powered?

HEATILE Tech runs on water, produced by a heat pump or a condensing boiler

In an existing system it can replace the radiators, deriving the water from one or more of them, with the appropriate Mixing Unit

   how do you laid it? 

The added value of HEATILE Tech is that it can be laid both on a traditional screed and on an existing floor, with any finishing

How to assemble it?

The modular system allows simplicity of installation and precision

The modules – 60×60 cm or 60×120 cm – are assembled one to the other, to form a walkable flooring that will be the basis for the final floor

This is why in a few hours it is possible to lay a 100 sq m system

   how thick is it?

In just 13 millimeters thick, HEATILE Tech concentrates the hydraulic water distribution system, the polyurethane insulation and the sound-absorbing neoprene mat. It is the thinnest underfloor heating system on the market today!

How much does it weight?

12.5 kg per square meter

The lightness of the system allows you to lay HEATILE Tech on any floor, without preparation or dedicated static design

   How many management costs ?

Management costs are reduced by 40% compared to a radiator system and 25% compared to a traditional floor system

building works are needed?

No, no preparation and no construction work is required to be installed, which allows HEATILE Tech to be faster and more practical in laying

   IHow long does it heat s up?

The low thermal inertia and the el vata efficiency allow to reduce heating times by 80% compared to a traditional hydronic system. Your home can be heated in less than an hour!

In addition, the conductivity of the materials used allows a use on / off as needed.

What is the mixing Unit?

It is the unit that allows you to transform a system to radiators in a new vo floor system without making any la construction work. The Mixing Unit is i installs instead of a radiator, he takes it the water and the mixture are kept at 29 ° C, thus providing power to the floor system e controlling the house temperature by means of a thermostat


Progetto co-finanziato dal programma Horizon 2020 dell’Unione Europea. 
Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union.


Vincitore del premio ADI Design Index 2019 Eccellenze della Lombardia. 
Awarded with by ADI Design Index Italy of the Eccellenze della Lombardia Prize.
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